Performance indicators

Simple, quick to administer ‘tests’ to ascertain the child’s starting point. 

A separate sheet allows for exact marking and enables progress to be clearly monitored.

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Getting started

with BRI-1

Study the straightforward and concise Getting Started instructions before beginning the process of reading guidance.

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Sound Cards BRI 1, BRI 2, BRI 3

Introduce new letter/sound correspondences to beginner readers by means of Sound Cards. Use the cards only until the child is using the protocol: Say the sounds and read the word.  After the protocol is established cue new correspondences as the child reads the text, saying: “The sound here is / /.

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Word Cards BRI 1

Use Word Cards with BRI 1 only as long as is necessary to establish the protocol: Say the sounds and read the word. Word flashcards are apt to set in train processes of  memorization, & aid the avoidance of decoding. BRI avoids this danger by setting up the default approach: Say the sounds and read the word and by presenting visually similar words that make ‘saying the sounds’ easier than focusing on word-as-a-whole reading or on damaging multi-strategy approaches adopted by leading catch-up programmes.

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