Case Studies

Ottakee has been posting on the BRI Yahoo Forum: Beginning Reading Instruction since the year of its inception in 2004. 
Her two remarkable daughters are the only known children in the world with both a nuclear DNA mutation and a mitochondrial DNA mutation. Both daughters have severe and multiple special needs, most especially the older girl who ‘looks and acts more like (a child with) an IQ in the 60s but tests out at 38 with scores ranging from 20-120 – so quite the range’.


Poppy’s tutor, JAC, has also been reporting on the BRI Yahoo Forum: Beginning Reading Instruction since it was launched in 2004. Poppy was born and raised in the States.  Her mother has learning disabilities, and her father is deaf. Both parents worked full time, with Poppy placed in day care from 6am-6pm.

Throughout her childhood Poppy suffered many ear infections and delays in language development. She is a very slow learner with IQ of 50, and possibly with other undiagnosed learning disabilities. At the age of seven, she returned to Australia with her parents.

With kind permission of Ottakee and JAC

Case Studies have been lightly copy-edited. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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