ARI 1 continues to focus on CCVC and CVCC words, incorporates suffixes (ing, ed), and builds on Advanced Code  (ow, ai, ar, ir, ur  and vowel + e). 2 stories per book, each story 200-400 words.


ARI 2 continues to introduce Advanced Code,( ay,ch,ea,oo,ow,ur,qu,ear) incorporates compound words,  ly and y word endings and contains 3 stories per book, each story 300-500 words long.

ARI 3 continues to introduce Advanced Code,( au, aw, igh, kn, ea, oi, oy, ph, ue, wr, air, our, ear) incorporates compound words, 'tion' ture' word endings, words of 3-4 syllables, and contains 4  stories per book, each story   400-700 words long.

ARI 4 has 4 stories per book, 500-700 words per story. ARI-5 has 5 stories per book, 600-800 words per story.

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