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Early Intervention for Struggling Readers

BRI is a gentle and lively introduction to early reading and begins with just three words and five sounds. The books provide the focus and ‘know-how’ essential for struggling readers.... READ MORE

BRI-ARI are great value, easy-to-use books to teach any child to read. The program consists of over 150 decodable readers that support synthetic phonics.


The features of the BRI-ARI range of books include:

  • Only five sounds are introduced in the first three books. These gradually increase at child-pace, with frequent repetitions. "I can read books!" becomes a reality.

  • The stories are meticulously structured, with lively animal characters and clever plots that immediately engage the child’s attention.

  • Careful introduction of new sound-letter(s), intense decoding practice and overlearning ensure that children understand how to read.

  • The books can be used alone, with other genuine synthetic phonics  programmes,  as an intervention with struggling readers, and  with children diagnosed with dyslexia.

  • No external workbooks or drill. The focus is on the "how to" of reading text.


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                      Pam Corbyn is a specialist literacy teacher with Dyslexia Speld Foundation                            WA, and the owner of Spearwood Press. BRI-ARI books have formed the                              basis of her teaching of reading for many years.

Comprehensive Instruction for Tutors & Education Support Teachers

BRI-ARI’s uncomplicated structure and straightforward directions allow specialist tutors and SENCOs to teach virtually all pupils to read, including those with significant instructional challenges.

Effective Reading Instruction for Home Use

If a child can participate in everyday conversation, then he/she can start to read with BRI-ARI. These books are carefully structured to ensure that all children can read right from the start.

English as a Foreign Language and ESL

BRI-ARI is the result of many years of research and development by linguists and educational psychologists. It has been extensively trialed and tested. The text is well suited to children who do not have English as their home languag